My first Half Marathon in 2:11:53

I completed my first Half Marathon Last Weekend in Dayton after accidentally falling into it.  How did I accidentally fall into a marathon you ask?

I started running about 5 months ago just to get in shape when I signed up for “The Amazing Race” through my company VMware.  The amazing race was an internal competition where employees from across the world formed teams and tracked personal fitness.  Our team didn’t win any awards but after I had spent a winter sitting around getting fat it was a good way to get back into exercising.  I decided to run as opposed to doing P90X as I have in the past because I figured if you run a certain distance you need to run back so you cant really quit early.  I started out slow only doing a mile or so twice a week and slowly stepped it up.  My brother is an avid runner and always participates in an Air force Half Marathon held in Dayton every September.  Once my brother  heard I started running he invited me to join him and even got me a cheap $25 registration transfer since his boss couldn’t make it for the run.  This prompted me to be more aggressive in my training and I hurt myself in the beginning by not wearing proper shoes and then again by increasing my mileage too quickly but persevered in the end.  I now enjoy running and try to run at least twice a week around 6 miles per run.  For some reason I enjoy the distance runs instead of short more frequent runs so maybe some day I will work myself up to a full marathon.  One thing is for sure I will run a half again at some point and probably make the Dayton Air force run a yearly event.  Thanks again to my brother Kyle Moats for getting me into the race.


Here is a picture of my little brother and I (4 years younger but clearly my big brother) I am on the left and he is on the right.

Here is a picture of the course, my bib and my medal (mile 8 kicked my ass look at the elevation chart)

And as always my family was there for me as well

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