Add HTML5 access to VWware View 5.2

Here is a quick tutorial on how to add HTML 5 access to a VMware View 5.2 environment:

First of all you need to have a View 5.2 instance installed and running either upgraded from an older version or fresh installed if you need help doing that see the install gude here:

Once view is installed if you go to the connection broker page in my case ( you get this boring message telling you you need to download and install the View client.


OK now for some simple magic download and install VMware-Horizon-View-HTML-Access_x64-1.0.0-1049726.exe on your connectin broker(s)

Download path:

Release Notes:

Once you have installed this when you go to the Connection broker main page you will now see this page with the HTML 5 access link:

OK we are not done yet we now need to download and install to the target desktops found here:

Now edit your pool or create a pool and check this box:

Now we need to allow ports 443 and 8443 in to the connection brokers and set these settings in the broker(s)

Once all of tis is set you should be able to log in and use the desktop(s) via HTML5


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