VIN application tagging and VCOPS dashboard creation

With some help from Phil Balfanz and the State of Ohio Server team I was able to create a dashboard in VCOPS that displays Application health from VIN identified applications.  The neat part is when you notice an application health score declining you can click on it and quickly drill down to the individual vm’s that make up the app.  Here is a screenshot of the custom dashboard and the steps to create it.:

  1. Log into the vSphere web client
  2. Browse to a VM in the vSphere Web Client and click on Manage -> Application Dependencies
  3. Ctrl and highlight all vm’s included in the app either in the map view.
  4. Click the Create application button and name the application
  5. After about 5 minutes or so the Application will now show up under the VCOPS main dashboard under applications.
  6. Log into the custom VCOPS Dashboard and create a new TAB with the following widgets:  Health-workload scoreboard, alerts, Metric selector, health status and metric graph
  7. Now click on the gear of the Health-workload scoreboard and browse to Resource kinds -> Application -> choose your application (need to double click to select)
  8. Now edit the health status and set just like below
  9. Now go to interactions and set like this:
  10. Here is the finished product.  You can now click on an application and it will show all vm’s that are a part of it, once you click on a vm it will show all the alerts and allow you to select metrics to view in the Metric graph.  Should be a pretty good way to quickly drill down to a vm going sideways.
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