Front subframe

Here is a quick story on the front sub-frame.  I originally threw away the one that came with the car in order to force myself into the full TCI one that runs around $4500.  I later decided that was too rich for my blood so I bought a 71 Nova front sub frame off of Craigslist ground it down, notched it for the LS1 and filled it with aftermarket parts.  Turns out it should handle better than stock and the price was 1/4 of the full TCI frame.  Here it is all cleaned up, notched and primed.  Also sitting with it are the trans dapt motor mounts for the LS1, A rebuilt 87 Camaro Z28 steering box, Aftermarket Upper and lower control arms and all the new ball joints, control arms tire rod ends, Pittman arm and any other parts I forgot to mention.IMG_3011

Here is a shot of the parts all shiny new front end parts.


Here is the car with Sub frame attached for the first time:


Almost forgot, I needed to reuse some old parts, here are the original drum brake hubs, the brake pedal bracket and some other random front end parts before a good grinding and paint job.


Front end assembled here:


After I got the front assembled I couldn’t resist throwing the C5 Corvette rims on I plan to use:


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