Now that I have the engine and transmission harvested from the 2001 Trans AM it is time to clean it up.  First I stripped off the wiring harness, coil packs and all front accessories.20140215-113707.jpg

Here is a shot of how dirty it was before I cleaned it.20140215-113721.jpg

Another good shot of the years of grime.20140215-113812.jpg

I used de-greaser, Mineral spirits and Brake cleaner to finish it off.  ended up taking me 3 cans of de-greaser and 7 of brake cleaner.20140215-114237.jpg

Here is a picture of it all cleaned up (bad picture)  notice all the nastiness in the pan below.20140217-081038.jpg

Here it is sitting in the car for the first time!!!!  Fits perfect.  I mocked this up once before way back when the front sub frame was all rusty and out of the car.  Check that post out here:  Front sub frame


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